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The Rise of The Digital Worker to Scale Process and Systems at Will

The magnitude of the global business problems we face today requires solutions at scale. Imagine in today’s world trying to solve a problem with a data set that fits on a 5 GB USB thumb drive.
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Active Duty at Insight (Part 2)

The Defense Ventures Fellows program is an immersion program for active-duty military service members, who spend 2 weeks in a cohort-based training, and then 6 weeks embedded in a venture capital firm or portfolio company — after which they return to the military with new insights about the innovation economy. Colonel Eric Lyon and Captain Dave Kurtz recall their experiences
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Accelerating Value with Value Gap Mapping

In our previous article introducing the S.C.A.L.E. model, we noted that the principle of Accelerated Value is primarily focused on reducing unnecessary friction in the customer experience as a means to improve an important leading process indicator: time to value. Shrinking the time it takes for customers to realize value is a universal challenge for SaaS ScaleUps. 
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Insight Partners Announces Completion of $20B+ Fundraise

Global software investor, Insight Partners, today announced the final closing of its twelfth flagship fund, along with a dedicated co-invest fund that will participate in certain investments alongside the flagship fund ("Fund XII" or the "Fund") to invest in global high-growth technology, software and Internet businesses. Fund XII closed with total capital commitments in excess of $20 billion.
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Why a Lack of Cybersecurity Poses an Existential Threat to Your Business

Fundamental security flaws in technical environments could have a massive impact on the global economy. The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates a successful cyber breach costs, on average, $3.6 million in 2021. The share price of a hacked company underperforms on the NASDAQ by an average of 3% — even six months after the disclosure of a security breach.
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Investing in Fintech: A Look into 2022

With more than $50 billion in capital commitments across over 200 investments throughout 2021, Insight Partners had a banner year. While we invest in founders across a wide spectrum of businesses, this series focuses on outlining our theses on four verticals that we’re particularly excited about in 2022: artificial intelligence, fintech/crypto, cybersecurity, and healthtech.
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Edge Computing: Tech’s Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Even as technology continues to move into the cloud, a simultaneous shift is already underway in the opposite direction as computing increasingly moves to the edge. One key reason: by 2025, the number of connected devices in use is expected to exceed 56 billion units, according to IDC. Edge computing is not a successor to the cloud, but another expansion of technology’s
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Investing in Artificial Intelligence: How MLOps Drives Enterprise AI Wins 

Insight Partners had a banner year in 2021, with more than $50 billion in capital commitments across over 200 investments. While we invest in founders across a wide spectrum of businesses, this series focuses on outlining our theses on four verticals that we’re particularly excited about in 2022: artificial intelligence; fintech; cybersecurity; and healthtech. 
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ScaleUp Handbook for IPO Readiness

Your leadership team is gathered around a podium. The rest of the company is crowded into meeting rooms and event spaces around the globe. Everyone’s eyes are on the live stream as you count down to one of the most exciting ScaleUp milestones the company has navigated in recent years.
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ScaleUp Guide: Expanding to Asia Pacific

Over the past few years, the markets in Asia Pacific (APAC to some, or APJ, specifically calling out Japan) have expanded at a tremendous rate. With large, growing markets, strong consumer and enterprise demand, and skilled workforces, APJ represents a significant growth opportunity. For this reason, we've complimented our 2019 Go Guide on Expanding to Europe with strategies for jumping into APJ.
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