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Procter & Gamble on Scaling AI for Enterprise

Data, talent, platforms and trust: these are the four key pillars firms need when building AI into their applications according to Procter & Gamble’s chief information officer Vittorio Cretella. During his keynote at the ScaleUp: AI conference in New York earlier this month, Cretella explained that artificial intelligence was embedded in every single aspect of the consumer packaged goods company’s operations.
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Scaling Up: AWS’s Allie Miller Outlines the Key Trends in AI and Machine Learning

We are entering an AI world where start-ups are transforming everyday lives through artificial intelligence and machine learning. AWS’ Allie K Miller spoke at the recent ScaleUp:AI conference and set out the key trends for ML and AI. As artificial intelligence and machine learning have become more mainstream in the last decade; the tech sector has seen countless start-ups popping
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UK’s House of Lords Aims to Prevent AI in Policing from Becoming ‘new Wild West’

“What would it be like to be convicted and imprisoned on the basis of AI which you don’t understand and which you can’t challenge?” asked Baroness Hamwee, chair of the Justice and Home Affairs committee.
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EY: Real Change is on the Horizon

EY’s consultancy business was set up to facilitate digital transformation of global enterprises. So what are the key technologies driving change in industry? James Pearce spoke with EY global VP Errol Gardner to find out
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It’s All Greek to DeepMind: AI Helps Historians Unravel Ancient Texts

DeepMind has joined forces with classic scholars to develop a new AI tool that helps historians interpret and restore the text on damaged ancient Greek inscriptions. Named after the Greek island featured in Homer’s Odyssey, Ithaca builds on an earlier text restoration system Pythia, released in 2019.
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Automate Document Processing with AI

Documents are important—for records, communication, collaboration, and even transactions. Yet millions of times per day, users rely on information that is locked in documents. This is a broad challenge across industries—affecting anyone who sends and receives paper documents, faxes, digital files, and/ or needs to keep records.
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AI eGuide: Find Unhappy Users Before they Complain

Whether your organization is a fast mover or fast follower, the ability to increase your velocity gives you the advantage in shaping business outcomes. When the correct data and models are used, patterns can be discerned, and insight can be unlocked. With this insight comes the confidence to make decisions, communicate them clearly, to move faster...
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Should We Encourage a Compliance ‘Glass Ceiling’ in AI?

Until now, developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been met with an equal amount of enthusiasm and apprehension by the public. Those in the former camp tend to be from an enterprise background, and see AI as the key to unlocking data insights that can make millions for their business.
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The AI Bias

As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into common technology, is there a risk of embedding biases and inequalities in the tech space? James Pearce investigates.
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