CEO & Co-Founder

May Habib is CEO and co-founder of Writer, a generative AI platform for the enterprise. With proprietary foundation models and a customizable application layer, Writer supports generative AI use cases across marketing, support, product, HR, and more.

Writer integrates with enterprise data sources and delivers accurate content and insights that are fine-tuned to an organization’s brand, messaging, and company facts. Writer makes AI capabilities available right in the applications where people work every day, and enables customers and partners to build them into end user-facing applications, without putting their or their customers’ data at risk. Writer is enterprise-grade, with support for platform administration and reporting. We don’t store, use, or share our customers’ data, and we’re compliant with SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI. We’re widely deployed at leading enterprises, including Intuit, UiPath, Spotify, Uber, and Accenture.

May has worked in NLP and ML for 10 years, and before Writer she founded and built Qordoba, a localization software company. She is an expert in AI-driven language generation, AI-related organizational change, and the evolving ways we use language online.

She sits on the board of TechWadi, an organization that bridges MENA-based entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley-based VC and talent networks, and is a MELI Fellow with the Aspen Institute.

May graduated from Harvard University and lives between San Francisco, where Writer is based, and London, where her two children live.