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5 Key Takeaways From ScaleUp:AI 2022

AI experts descended on ScaleUp:AI conference in New York, with speakers from AWS, Procter & Gamble, IBM, PayPal and others offering insights on some of AI’s most pressing issues. Here are five of the biggest takeaways from this year’s event.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – AL/ML Can Worsen Inequity in Finance

Financial services firms that use diverse datasets in their machine learning-based models to generate credit scores are more inclusive and thereby manage bias risk more holistically, according to speakers at the ScaleUp: AI conference.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Build, Buy or Partner? How Citi Works with AI Startups

At the pace AI is changing, large financial services institution such as Citi finds value in working with startups that bring skills “we desperately need,” according to its global head of AI. “We have a lot of talent in-house, obviously, that we can utilize to develop our own products and services,” said AI chief Prag Sharma at the ScaleUp: AI conference in New York.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Top ML Trends From AWS’s Head of Global Machine Learning

Increases in no-code, low code and decentralization are among the top machine learning trends of tomorrow, according to the global head of machine learning at AWS. Allie Miller, the cloud division’s global ML head for startups and venture capital, also noted the rise of interest in security, performance and access at the ScaleUp: AI 2022 conference in New York.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Risks of ‘Wild West’ AI in Health Care

AI is permeating all aspects of the health care system, whether it is in diagnostics, treatment, drug discovery, precision medicine, imaging and more. “It’s really the sky’s the limit at this point, which is both a blessing and a curse because it’s the Wild West,” said Dr. Danny Tobey, a partner at law firm DLA Piper, during a panel at the ScaleUp: AI conference in New York. “There are no robust standards yet on what differentiates good and responsible from not as good and irresponsible AI.”
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Hackers Using AI to Penetrate Defenses

The future of cybersecurity is AI – both for defenders and attackers, according to SentinelOne’s Nicholas Warner. During a keynote at ScaleUp: AI, the COO suggested that AI is both a savior and a thorn in the side of cybersecurity, with cyberattacks becoming a geopolitical and personal problem as well a corporate one.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Procter & Gamble CIO on Scaling AI in the Enterprise

Consumer products giant Procter & Gamble is no stranger to innovation, from inventing the first foaming soap bar, Ivory, in 1879 to launching an AI-powered electric toothbrush in 2019 that tracks how people brush. CIO Vittorio Crettella said the innovation continues. “AI is embedded in everything we do and also embedded increasingly in all our products,” he said at the ScaleUp:AI conference in New York.
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ScaleUp:AI 2022 – Google Brain’s Andrew Ng Says Data-centric Approach Boosts AI Success

Andrew Ng, the revered AI expert and co-founder of Google Brain, said developers should adopt a data-centric AI approach to unlock the full potential of AI. Speaking during a keynote at ScaleUp:AI, Ng, referred to a McKinsey report that suggested AI would add $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030. However, he said outside sectors served by the consumer internet companies, AI adoption was “very low.”
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EU a ‘Frontrunner’ in Robotics – but Lags Behind the US, China in Wider AI Landscapes

New findings from the EU’s Science Hub suggest the US holds a ‘comparative advantage in several AI areas.’ EU investments in AI grew by 39% between 2018 and 2019, with the bloc set to smash its investment target for the decade, a new report suggests.
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FedEx to Test Autonomous Delivery Drones with Elroy Air

FedEx is teaming up with Elroy Air to test autonomous cargo drones. The plans would see FedEx Express test Elroy Air’s Chaparral autonomous air cargo system within the company’s middle-mile logistics operations, moving shipments between sortation locations.
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