Join the industry’s best operators and learn how to implement, take to market, and scale AI products and innovation. 

Running Time: 15 minutes

Using AI to Build an Account-Based Pipeline Model

Traditional pipeline models and metrics don’t paint the complete picture or set revenue teams up for success.

In this session, Kory will discuss how to shift your business to an AI-based pipeline model while ditching traditional metrics like MQLs, CTRs, and attribution in favor of new account-based metrics that help your team scale and win.


VP of Revenue Operations

Running Time: 8 minutes

Improving Business Outcomes with AI: How PhonePe/Walmart Scaled and Saved with Data Observability

In order to meet a massive wave of new usage, and support tens of millions of new consumers and millions of new merchants, PhonePe (a Walmart subsidiary with more than 350 million customers across India who use the service for digital payments) embarked on a data infrastructure expansion project to scale new and existing technologies. Meeting that demand was made possible by improving visibility into every aspect of the company’s data operations. Using data observability, with AI/ML at the foundation, PhonePe was able to:

  • Scale data infrastructure rapidly from 70 to more than 1500 Hadoop nodes; more than 2000% growth
  • Deliver 99.97% availability across its Hadoop infrastructure
  • Eliminate day-to-day engineering involvement and firefighting on outages and performance degradation issues
  • Support multi-cluster data and workload management with uniform configurations
  • Upgrade systems and migrate to new applications and nodes with no performance degradation
  • Reduce data warehouse costs by 65%, while eliminating the need for expensive commercial data warehousing licenses


Co-Founder & CEO

Running Time: 14 minutes

Using AI to Transform IT Service Delivery and Propel the Hybrid Workplace

Employee support has fundamentally not changed since the 1990s when the main way employees got help was by phoning or emailing the service, desk despite self-help portals. While that might have worked pre-pandemic, it is not working in a hybrid world where call volume has gone up 35% on average and workforce productivity has dropped 33%.

With the advent of virtual agents like Alexa and Google home, consumers are accustomed to getting quick answers. But in their work lives, employees face a wall of intranets, portals, and knowledge articles. The good news is advances in NLP and ML have provided a platform that can be effectively used to deliver on these experiences. However, many roadblocks exist that stop organizations from being successful, including lack of talent and data to build a platform that can understand human language.

Join Pat Calhoun as he discusses these roadblocks and methods for overcoming them.

Running Time: 13 minutes

Scaling Business Process and Systems Through AI

Why–and how–do we scale business processes and systems through AI?
Join this masterclass and learn about:

  • Digital worker capabilities (“sense,” “think,“ and “act”)
  • Pivoting from process simplification to process simplifications plus outcomes and metrics
  • How to apply AI and digital workers to IT initiatives
  • Useful business outcomes and metrics
  • Platform examples of “acting” and “sensing or thinking”
  • “AI-First” Companies
  • Emerging Trends


VP, Data Technology

Running Time: 36 minutes

No One Buys AI. How to Market AI Solutions That Matter

AI is integral to so many software tools, yet companies struggle to figure out how best to market AI.  Well… the answer is that you don’t need to!

In this session, Gary explains how you shouldn’t make “AI” the core of your messaging, especially as it is now one of the most overused and hated buzzwords in tech. Gary also highlights the unique challenges in marketing AI and provides actionable tactics/examples of how to cut through the clutter to finally make the benefits of AI clear to your target markets. He takes a deep-dive look at other “buzzy” tech breakthroughs to highlight lessons learnt from our past technology marketing mistakes and shares good examples of AI marketing. Participants will be provided with an activation checklist of Do’s and Don’ts to better shape your path forward.


Operating Partner

Running Time: 35 minutes

Pricing Best Practices for an Expanding Product Suite

Keeping on the forefront of innovation is critical for fast moving Scale Ups. How you bring your innovation to market matters. Learn some key pricing and packaging best practices that can help your R&D budget have the greatest impact.


SVP, Pricing Strategy

Running Time: 24 minutes

When to 'PLG': What We Can Learn From DevOps For DataOps

Regardless of where you are in your GTM journey, have you asked yourself, “Is PLG right for us?” We will be reviewing and applying learnings from DevOps companies who use PLG as a GTM motion. 

Learn the conditions and investments needed for PLG to be a viable growth strategy to make an informed decision on whether PLG is right for your company.


Executive Vice President

Running Time: 21 minutes

When a Tool Becomes a Value Sale

Enterprise selling is more than just a larger ASP and longer sales cycle. There is an art to including your customer in the process of calculating and communicating the value of your software to solve for their needed outcomes.

For companies selling to enterprise accounts, the application of value engineering during pre-sales and the seamless handoff to value realization team within Customer Success is becoming a differentiator.


Vice President

Running Time: 15 minutes

Top 4 Business KPIs That Should be Tackled by AI

What business KPIs should be tackled by AI using predictive analytics? 

Join to learn why they make the best fit for DS rollout, as well as examples of applicable use-cases across marketing, sales, and operations.


Co-Founder & CTO

Running Time: 14 minutes

Feature Engineering on the Modern Data Stack: I Have a Bone to Pick with Feature Stores

The recent advent of the Feature Store is the first meaningful progress toward a different working paradigm for data scientists, buoyed by popularity stemming from success stories at massive tech companies like Spotify, Uber, and Google. However, as the Feature Store has burst onto the scene, it has only magnified the gap in data capabilities between the FAANGs of the world, and everyone else.

In this talk, learn about solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing data scientists who are struggling to delivery business value within the constraints of their organizations:

  • Lack of tooling to work within and take advantage of the Modern Data Stack
  • Managing bottlenecks to delivering business value when transforming data into a feature-ready state
  • The use of pandas, an open source python library, as the most widely cited data preparation tool

Hear about critical architecture decisions made by the Patrick Dougherty and the Rasgo team in developing a truly cloud-native and modern feature store solution built from the ground up for the Modern Data Stack including the specific implementation best practices of delivering business value with a feature store solution.


Co-Founder & CTO

Running Time: 23 minutes

What is Vector-Based Machine Learning and How Your Data Science Team Can Leverage it to its Full Potential

In this masterclass, we’ll discuss how businesses and data leaders can leverage vector-based machine learning to its full potential and score quick wins to get the ball rolling and integrate deeply for major gains into the future. We’ll cover:

  • What are vectors?
  • What are some popular use cases?
  • What are the primary challenges facing data teams in adopting this technology and how can they be overcome?
  • Tips for data teams to get started today to benefit from vectors with lowest hanging fruit in their organization
  • Thoughts on the future of this technology and its defensibility



Running Time: 30 minutes

How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Team

There is a growing trend in companies seeing the value of building communities for their customers and users. Sephora, Harley Davidson and many more have driven enormous success with their communities. Doing this well is tricky though. How do you know where to start, what goals you should start with, and how to track your success?

Watch as Jono Bacon, community strategy consultant and author of ‘People Powered’, walks through a blueprint for how to create a powerful, engaging community, complete with practical recommendations that you can put into practice right away.

You will learn how to:

  • Discover a framework for how to deploy a community strategy, invest in the right areas, track progress, and build in accountability.
  • Identify relevant KPIs, building in a regular cadence for reviews and skills development.
  • Build cross-functional support from management, other teams, and how to hire the right people to deliver this work well.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls and road bumps many companies face in this journey.

This will give you a complete picture of the value proposition for a community for your business and a roadmap for how to get started.



Running Time: 30 minutes

How Companies Can Use AI to Innovate Better and Faster

We know that innovation is critical to success in today’s fast-paced, competitive business world. But you’ve got to be able to move quickly to keep up with the pace of change. With AI tools designed for rapid innovation, companies can collaborate more effectively and innovate faster than ever before. Cutting edge innovation often starts with sparse data, and even if there is sufficient or large data available, the question quickly becomes how relevant it is to the innovation project. This becomes a huge bottleneck to accelerate the innovation cycle. This has been the case with developing formulated products where often there is limited data to train AI, especially when innovating in unknown space.

The session will uncover how to apply AI to reliably extrapolate in unknown spaces. Specifically: 

  • New ways to train AI on sparse data so that it can become more accurate and reliable
  • How to leverage model-guided innovation to achieve desired outcomes
    10x faster
  • How artificial intelligence could be used to speed up the innovation process


Co-Founder & CPO


Chief of AI