Founder and CEO of Aily Labs GmbH, Bianca Anghelina is on a mission to revolutionize how decision-making in large global organizations can be transformed with AI

With more than 15 years’ experience in digital and finance for corporate businesses, Bianca’s vision
is to combine business with technology to create impact. With a passion for deep tech and AI, Bianca founded Aily Labs in 2020 to empower businesses with meaningful AI to simplify the way we work. The aily app uses a combination of AI models to transform data into insights. The results are boosting business performance and creating an instant 360° transparent view of business.

Leading a globally connected diverse team of 200+ business experts and data scientists, Bianca and her team have successfully completed a Series A round raising $21m to accelerate innovation in applied GenAI and expand Aily Lab’s presence in the US. The goal is to become the #1 AI decision intelligence platform.