Executive Director | SME AI/ML Innovation

Dr Charles C. Phiri is an Executive Director – Subject Matter Expert AI/ML Innovation in the Global Enterprise Technology function at JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMC). He has 23 years industry experience focusing on all cogs of enterprise architecture for delivering R&D solutions, including AI/ML and Data-intensive systems. He has distributed software and hardware systems development experience in various R&D roles across Semiconductors, Defence & Space, Storage Infrastructure, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Professional Services and Financial Services. He is also a practicing researcher in Humanoid Robotics, IoT, AI/ML and other data intensive fields and writes about practical applications of AI/ML and Data in Know Thy Data Newsletter.

Dr Phiri holds a PhD in Humanoid Robotics from the University of Portsmouth and MSc in Internet Systems from the University of Liverpool. He is a Chartered IT Professional through the British Computer Society, Senior IEEE Member and  an ACM Professional Member.

Outside work with JPMC, Dr Phiri runs an initiative which applies technological interventions to end-to-end Food Systems challenges, including the engineering aspects of Precision Regenerative Farming and Logistics, in Sub-Saharan Africa. He  enjoys, hiking, writing, eco-adventures, cycling and powerboating. He holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do and is an International Instructor and Referee with the Tae Kwan-Do Association of Great Britain.