CTO, Digital Media

As CTO of Adobe’s Digital Media business, Ely oversees the company’s technology strategy, bringing a fresh vision to initiatives across the company’s largest business unit. In this role, Ely works with the Creative Cloud and Document Cloud leadership teams to leverage the latest waves of disruptive technologies. His team also works across Digital Media to ensure our engineering teams have the tools, processes, and perspective to drive breakthrough innovations.
Most recently, Ely spearheaded the launch of Adobe Firefly, the company’s first Generative AI model, designed to empower customers of all experience levels to generate high quality images and stunning text effects. Firefly will be integrated directly into Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Express workflows.
Deep, foundational product innovation is at the heart of what we do as a company, and Adobe Research is ground zero for that innovation. As CTO, Ely also oversees Adobe Research and its focus on the core areas of world-class innovation, creative design tools and document and customer intelligence. Most recently, Adobe Research has taken on an expanded and unified charter for artificial intelligence (AI) research and immersive media.
Prior to joining Adobe, Ely was CTO of AppDynamics, where he led the engineering and operations teams responsible for delivering a highly scalable system that monitored some of the world’s most complex digital application and business environments.
Earlier in his career, Ely spent 20 years at Adobe and Macromedia where he did everything from writing code to building products to incubating new businesses (including what is now Adobe Express).
Ely holds a computer science degree from Brown University.