VP of Data Science
& Machine Learning

Dr. Hui Wang is Vice President of Global Analytics and Data Science at PayPal. In this role, Hui is responsible for overseeing the full suite of data analytics, data science and AI and ML solutions for the company, including solutions that support compliance, customer service, product, marketing and sales, and the foundational fraud and credit risk models for PayPal’s Risk Management systems. 
Hui is an expert in numerous machine learning technologies, and has helped design and architect many next-generation data and AI products that enable modern analytics and the advanced machine learning systems that drive PayPal’s real time and near-real time detection and decision systems.  
Hui’s team won the ComputerWorld 2015 Data+ Editor’s Choice Award and she was the winner of 2016 Women in Payment Innovation Award. She holds B.S. in Computer Science from University of Science and Technology of China and Ph.D. in Statistics from University of California, Berkeley.