Shane Orlick is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in driving business strategy and revenue growth for technology companies. Currently serving as the President of Jasper AI, he is responsible for leading the company’s efforts as the leading generative AI platform for businesses to create tailored and customized content for their brand.

Prior to joining Jasper AI, Shane held several leadership positions at WalkMe, Inkling Systems, and Kontagent. At WalkMe, he served as the Chief Revenue Officer and was responsible for building a world-class sales team that helped the company grow its customer base and revenue. At Inkling Systems, he led the sales and client success teams and helped businesses discover the benefits of the company’s mobile learning platform.

Shane is an expert in generative AI technologies and has been featured on several podcasts discussing the future of writing and communication. He has a deep understanding of how AI can be used to enhance human creativity and productivity, and is passionate about developing tools that empower individuals to communicate more effectively.