Introducing 'ScaleUp:AI SoundBytes,' an engaging series of AI-centric LinkedIn Live sessions featuring prominent event portfolio partners such as Abnormal Security, CommandBar, Slim.AI,, Run:ai, A.Team, Featurespace, AIVF,, Rohirrim, Valence, Writer, and Privacera.

The widespread adoption of generative AI meant increased productivity for employees, but also for bad actors. They can now create sophisticated email attacks at scale—void of typos and grammatical errors that have become a key indicator of attack. That means credential phishing and BEC attacks are only going to increase in volume and severity. So how do you defend against this threat? Tune in to hear how generative AI is changing the threat landscape, what AI-generated attacks look like, and how you can use “good AI” to prevent “bad AI” from harming your organization.

Mike Britton  |  Abnormal Security, CISO

Join CommandBar’s CEO James Evans as he unpacks highly tactical tips product leaders need to know to launch AI experiences that users will actually use!
How to onboard users to AI experiences
Should you call your feature “AI-powered”? Do users care?
How to collect user feedback that makes it easy to iterate
James Evans  |  CommandBar, CEO
A look into the security considerations and risks involved with AI-created code as well as collaborative solutions for a more secure software exchange.
John Amaral  |  SlimAI, CEO
Jon Rosenbaum  |  Insight Partners, MD
In today’s world of generative AI and LLMs, the topic of data privacy is more top-of-mind than ever. Enterprises that value privacy have been cautious about using LLM services due to the risk of unintentional PII (sex) or PHI (drugs) exposure. In this talk, we’ll explore how companies can optimize LLMs without compromising data security or customer trust. Our expert speaker will share the latest advancements in privacy-preserving AI and their potential impact on various industries. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the field and discover how you can leverage AI while safeguarding your data.
Adam Kamor  |  Tonic.AI, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering
Ander Steele  |  Tonic.AI, Head of AI
Join Raphael Ouzan, CEO of A.Team, and an esteemed board member from Insight Partners as they delve into the seismic shifts AI is causing in the world of work and the most promising and impactful use cases for this new technology. From Fortune 500 titans to trailblazing startups like Inflection AI, discover how generative AI is transforming the way we build.
Raphael Ouzan  |  A.Team, Founder & CEO
In this session, Tim Vanderham, COO Featurespace, will help you learn about the critical role that AI is playing to help prevent the growing volume of fraud and financial crime that is being targeted at our financial system along with the preventing the devastating impact to some of our most vulnerable populations. Tim will focus on how AI deployed in this use case needs to rapidly adapt, in real-time, to both changes in how genuine customers of the financial services make purchases as well as the constant pivoting and probing that criminals take to avoid detection and identify weaknesses of our financial system.
Tim Vanderham  |  Featurespace, COO
Explore the exciting advances AI offers in healthcare, from precision medicine to enhanced patient care. While these innovations promise a brighter medical future, they also come with their own set of considerations. This talk delves into the benefits, alongside thoughtful discussions on the ethical and practical challenges we face. Join us in understanding how we can harness AI’s potential while ensuring patient safety and trust.
Daniella Gilboa  |  AIVF, Co-Founder & CEO
Alexandra Lundin  |  Insight Partners, VP

Generative AI (Gen AI) has become an increasingly useful tool in the world of application security. It can help with the most basic needs of identifying and recommending security tools for vulnerability discovery, through more advanced requirements such as helping security and engineering practitioners define more detection rules, generate fix code snippets, and more. By leveraging Gen AI, organizations can improve their application security posture by identifying vulnerabilities more quickly and accurately, as well as generating relevant fix solutions more efficiently. This talk will explore the potential of integrating Gen AI to expand the detection capabilities of these application security tools, as well as remediation and verification.

By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Gen AI can enhance existing security rules, improving the ability to identify novel vulnerabilities and other potential organizational risks. Moreover, we will showcase the application of Gen AI in auto-generating remediation suggestions for SAST & IaC security tools, streamlining the process of addressing detected issues, and verifying their successful implementation, which reduces toil and cognitive load for already bogged down security engineering practitioners.

Aviram Shmueli  |  Jit, Co-Founder and Chief Research and Innovation
A fireside chat on the transformative potential of vertical applications, and how addressing niche pain points can pave the way to enterprise success.
Steven Aberle  |  Rohirrim, Co-Founder
Nikki Parker  |  Insight Partners, SVP
Generative AI’s advances over the past 12 months have unlocked breathtaking potential while also highlighting numerous risks. What is unequivocal is that it will impact all facets of business, including how we select, train, and develop our leaders and team members.

Join Sue Larson, former Director of OD & Culture Activation at Microsoft, and Parker Mitchell, CEO of Valence, at 3:00 PM ET on September 27th as they discuss the impact that Generative AI will have on Talent and Organizational Development functions.
Sue Larson  |  Microsoft, former Director of OD & Culture Activation
Parker Mitchell  |  Valence, CEO
This session will focus on how to maximize your return on investment with generative AI. We’ll discuss the various implementations of generative AI across enterprises, examining the use cases that have the greatest potential to positively impact a business. Additionally, we’ll share knowledge and insights on the trends in the industry that leverage generative AI. By the end of the session, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use generative AI to maximize your return on investment.
Kevin Chung  |  WRITER, COO
Whit Bouk  |  Insight Partners, MD
Generative AI will transform how organizations operate with significant impacts to top line and margin growth, but they also open organizations up to unprecedented risk. The solution isn’t isn’t to restrict GenAI, putting you at a competitive disadvantage, but to secure and govern AI models and how your organization uses them. Join us as we discuss unified data security governance and how you can apply it to your Generative AI strategy. We will address the importance, approaches, and best practices to securing and governing GenAI, allowing organizations to take full advantage of the opportunities that AI presents.
Balaji Ganesan  |  Privacera, CEO & Co-Founder

We only have 24 hours in a day. We can only do so much. We’re only human. In this LinkedIn Live session, Pathlight founder Alex Kvamme explains how recent advances in Generative AI – specifically AI Agents – could change the way we think about our work. AI isn’t going to replace you, it’s going to allow you to do things that were previously impossible.

Alexander Kvamme  |  Pathlight, CEO & Co-Founder
Generative AI is quickly redefining the way we all work. There is not an industry or business function that AI is not touching. In this session, we dive into how Generative AI completely changes how companies market their products and services. Learn how everything from email to advertising, online chat, and more is being completely reimagined through the power of AI.
Adam Kaiser  |  6sense, VP of Growth Marketing
The value of generative AI is undeniable, improving business productivity and the ability to build new products at a velocity never experienced before. But generative AI is becoming a shadow app problem, extending risk to legitimate usage by employees and 3rd-party apps leading to data exposure, compliance issues, and misinformation. Listen in to learn how Reco uses GenAI to discover these applications, control access, and protect from data exposure.
Tal Shapira, PhD  |  Reco AI, CTO & Co-Founder
Join Insight Partners CIO in residence Eli Potter, and Vijay Tella, WSJ bestselling author and founder and CEO of Workato, as they discuss the explosive combination of AI and automation in the AI Integrated (AI2) enterprise. AI expands the possibilities for business users, but realizing those possibilities at scale requires a new mindset. Join this LinkedIn Live to explore the mindset behind the methodologies and strategies to become AI2. In addition, they will discuss how companies of any size – from emerging start-up to Fortune 500, can interweave AI into business processes.
Vijay Tella  |  Workato, CEO
Eli Potte  |  Insight Partners, CIO in Residence